G I track’s patented extruded 6005AT61 structural aluminum rails and PVC plastic capping form together for the ultimate smooth tracking surface. Over time other manufactured precision track develop nicks and bumps and the rails become unusable. With the G I track PVC cap system, this is no longer a problem. If the cap gets damaged, simply replace it at a fraction of the cost.

Patented extruded PVC plastic capping

Offsetting the plastic capping 2” from the track
connections provides a smooth, seamless join.

Knurled nut tension adjuster on latch
for connecting track sections together.

Standard dolly package track setups require minimal support cribbing every
4’ at joins and midsections resulting in faster setup time.

The design of (two axis) mounted cross member ties eliminates the use of wedges on the outside of track rails creating a clear path.

Latches are mounted on the outside of track rails ensuring a positive (in line) connection. No more stepping on latches or cable hangups. A clear path for the dolly grip and camera assistant.

This new starter allows the dolly to mount on your track setup from ground level and up to a half apple box in height with the hinged ramp.


G I track (I beam construction) sections come complete with PVC capping. Aluminum rails are anodized black to minimize reflections and are available in 10, 8, 4 and 2 foot sections. Cross member ties can be custom made for variousdolly or crane track widths.

Scissored 8’ section for storage. ( 10’ L x 6” W x 3” H and weighs 40 lb.)

Stainless steel latches and male - female rail ends guarantee a positive and durable connection.

Track can be customized for various widths to accommodate both dolly and crane configurations. Maximum load 6500lbs. when supported every 2 feet.

All components are interchangeable, replaceable and made from nonferrous materials for all weather conditions.

Cross member ties are fastened (a) vertically and (b) horizontally (two axis) to rails for added strength and rigidity.

The G I track adapter connects to Filmair and Matthews curved or straight track. Comes complete with carrying case.

Each track section has individual serial numbers and web address for customer support.

Screw holes at every cross member.

Strong cross member ties for walking boards.

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